The Give play driving, catchy rock and roll full of great harmonies and memorable hooks.  Comprised of surviving members of the Boston indie rock scene of the 90s, as well as the swinging Pioneer Valley, The Give are ready to share their hangover with you.  

New single, Red Light, available Fall 2023 on BANDCAMP.  

“Massachusetts quartet The Give offer up a real Doolin' Dalton of an album. Hotelworthy is a really laidback Indie Country Rock affair. The Indie and the Rock feel like they are itching to get out, but these guys seem formidable at a twanging Country, that the need to digress is lessened.  When they do step out, the results are aces.”  I Don’t Hear a Single, Review, 2022.  

New album, Hotelworthy, out November 2022 on Bandcamp.  Available December 11 on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Featured on 92.5, The River, Homegrown Showcase.  

Massachusetts voted #7 on WRSI’s top 93 of 2019.  Their debut EP, Summers Over,  available on Spotify, Bandcamp, Amazon, and Apple Music.  


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