New single, Red Light, available Fall 2023 on BANDCAMP.  

“Road house rock, through and through. Or as the Bandcamp bio reads: “Songs of heartbreak, chrome, and hospitals.” Sounds like a rough night! Are we hearing a little Bad Religion or are we crazy? Spiffied up for the brunch crowd and cut with an admixture of Monkees meet Replacements. That’s a cocktail to guarantee you won’t miss work in the morning, but you’ll probably still feel like trash.”  Mike Gutierrez,

“Massachusetts quartet The Give offer up a real Doolin' Dalton of an album. Hotelworthy is a really laidback Indie Country Rock affair. The Indie and the Rock feel like they are itching to get out, but these guys seem formidable at a twanging Country, that the need to digress is lessened.  When they do step out, the results are aces.”  I Don’t Hear a Single.

Hotelworthy, out November 2022 on Bandcamp.  Available December 11 on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Featured on 92.5, The River, Homegrown Showcase.  

Massachusetts voted #7 on WRSI’s top 93 of 2019.  Their debut EP, Summers Over,  available on Spotify, Bandcamp, Amazon, and Apple Music.  


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